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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

Ages: 18+

High-Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T. is a workout where you work at maximum capacity for short and intense bursts of exercise followed by recovery periods which can be totally or partially active.

This will burn lots of fat very quickly and keeps your heart rate elevated.

These intense workouts will get you fit fast and build speed, strength, and endurance!

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing

Ages: 18+

  • • An ultra-calorie burning workout in a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • • A complete workout experience, strengthening, and toning while building endurance and functional fitness.
  • • Exercise that focuses on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • • A way to stay engaged in your exercise every day, and measure your progress along the way.
  • • Limited class size, ensuring that we can offer one-to-one attention focused on making sure your form is safe and correct.

Fitness Boxing


Ages: 18+

The Hero Kickboxing & Fitness boxing curriculum provides a great way for adults to stay in shape and learn a new skill.

It won’t become dull or routine because as soon as you get better and continue learning, there are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back for more!